Private Residence – GC – The Heiss Company

Construction of the barrelled ceiling. Metal lath was first installed, following the plaster base coat in several layer’s. Plaster finish was applied in 3 coats and troweled smooth. Next the plaster moldings were ran in place across the ceiling, creating a criss-cross or weaving effect across the entire barrel. This is an old school technique and has been done this way for centuries. This entire process took approx. 6 weeks to do.

Next, the installation of the decorative plaster moldings onto the coffered ceiling. Pieces were made and cast on site. Approx. 80-90 pieces were made to fit the design laid out by the architect. This ceiling took 5 weeks to make and install all the moldings. One man mitered in all the joints by hand where the pieces meet, which took another 5 weeks to do.

Lastly, approximately 5,500SF of palm texture was applied by hand to create an amazing look throughout the home. Project took a total of 8 month’s to do.